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My Dining Out Tips For Dieters

Now these are my own PERSONAL tips, things that work(ed) for me and i just wanted to share them with you. I felt like these were things i had to tweak or try to adjust to make sure that i was still able to enjoy my dining experience when out with friends or my "boo thang". I hated to feel deprived and look like a sad puppy as my friends are enjoying their yummy fattening meals so i decided to figure out how i could still enjoy those things without consuming as many calories.

1.Drink that WHOLE glass of water that they bring to your table before you order!

Yeah i too want to go straight for the Margarita's but before i think of touching any food or alcoholic beverages i chug down a glass of water. That way my stomach feels a tad bit fuller and i won't go bonkers and over eat or drink.

2. After you place your order, ask your waitress to bring you a to-go box BEFORE your food is brought to the table.

This is very important for me and it has helped me so much. I take half of whats on my plate and dump it into a to go box. It usually turns out to be my lunch for the next day or i give it to someone. Doing this makes me feel like a "regular" person, no need to look at the bland low calorie menu.

3. Choose Brown instead of White!

One of my FAVORITE places to eat is Chipotle! I probably go twice a week. Before i used to order the steak fajita with white rice and extra cheese. Now that i'm on this diet i get the bowl skipping the tortilla, get chicken instead of steak and now they offer brown rice so i get that instead with NO cheese. I never finish the whole bowl yet I'm still filled and satisfied.

4. Choose your alcoholic beverages wisely.

Yum,yum,yum! Margaritas are my weakness! The different yummy scrumptious flavors are so tempting on the eyes and taste buds but those babies pack TONS of hidden calories. Now I opt for ONE glass of chardonnay or a 12oz light beer (of course i drink beer i'm Panamanian lol). Which can still be fattening if you drink too many.

5. Take the burger minus the cheese, fries, and soda

I occasionally still eat a burger, not very often but yes i still do. If the place offers wheat bread i take that with no mayo,mustard,or CHEESE. I love ketchup so i get lots of that, scrap the fries and get a side salad instead. If the place offers bottled water i ask for that instead of a soda.

6. Dessert? Why not?

One dessert that i cannot no will NOT turn down is Dave & Buster's Banana Fosters Pie! Ohhh....Myyyy... God!!!! It's ssooo damn good,just thinking about tit makes me hungry. When i order my dessert i simply split it with whoever i'm with. If they don't want any i cut half of it then dump the other half on an empty plate and give it to the waiter(very hard thing to do) that way i satisfy my sweet tooth craving.

Well these are my tips that i follow when i am dining out, i hope they help those of you that are dieting. What about you guys? Got any tips that really help you when dining out? Please share :-)

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