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Nail it everytime- Nails in a hurry!


I sure don't have much time to do my nails so here are a few quick tips to help you look fab in hurry!

1) If you keep your nails filed, then when your wanting to apply polish, the task is already done. Keep those little cheap files everywhere and catch a snag as soon as you see it, prevents ugly nail syndrome too! Not to mention a little filing here and there helps them grow!

2) Nail polish remover pads can be a godsend. I like the ones by ELF. They are only 1$ and work great. Swipe all your nails with it really quick to let the remover soke in, then go back to each nail until all polish is removed... it won't take you long with these beauty finds!!!

3) Sallys Hansen makes a great nail pen that is quick and easy and the colors I have tried look really nice! The little pen makes the process painless and fast! I think Revlon makes a good one also.

To grow your nails out long:

VitaSurge™ Growth Gel by Sally Hansen
You want a product like this that actually helps repair and straighten your nails. A top coat or hardener is usually just a temporary protector. So, look for nail solutions with the words "strengthen" and "repair". With this, you will rub it into your nails/cuticles to stimulate growth.

Sally beauty supply Haken Nail Magic
This is the only good temporary protector with a long term benefit that I myself have tried. It is best if you apply it before you apply nail polish. It will get those nails strong for your daily tasks so they won't break as much. It does work best if you apply a light coat every few days or so (every day when you first start!!) but I at least apply it before doing chores etc that I usually break a nail during! If you have polished your nails and want it apply it daily, a light coat won't change the polish color. This product is a very light pink color.

Apple cider vinegar

Dipping your nails in Apple Cider Vinegar for about 10 minutes every few days will make your nails very strong. Regular Vinegar may work too (let me know if you try and it works for you). Yes, it will make your nails smell some, but if you can get past that- It works terrific! Once your nails have strengthened, try doing this just once a week or so. I actually haven't done this in quite a while and my nails are still stronger for the times I used it.
(Combined with the other two products mentioned above!)

* Lemon juice
Good way to clean your nails! Soak for about 15 minutes.

* Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Dryer (spray) (less than 4 bucks @ Sallys)
Drys your nails after polish in a hurry. Don't spray too much or too closely.
Don't forget the lotion, it keeps your hands soft and looking young!
*** I wear sunscreen on my hands every day (even winter)

If you want to learn how to polish/decorate your nails then I have the perfect person to show you-
Dylan @ He's like the nail whisper!!!

Make sure you are not allergic to any of these products!!

- Kerrie
Photo credits: Kellie Rettig Photography

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