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♥ Valentine's Day Weekend Vacay ♥

I'm super duper excited about spending Valentine's day with my honey in Atlanta! He lives there and i live here so we try to see each other twice a month. Long distance relationships can be tough and anybody out there who is in one or has been in one knows exactly what I'm talking about. My awesome boss gave me all these days off cause she knows I'm going to be chillin with my boo and I'm so thankful for that.

My guy had all these extravagant plans for us and i was like "Babez, squash all that expensive non-sense i just want to have fun with you"! My ideal weekend includes stuff like having dinner at Maggiano's, Drinks & games at Dave & Busters, Dancing Salsa all night at Havana Nightclub, Brunch at Flying Biscuit,things and things of that nature. Those are all the things i want to do with him since we don't really get to do basic "going out" things together often. I'm trying to sneak in a little time to do some thrifting with my girl and make a couple other stops but the boo is being stingy lol.

I'm about to hit the road and i'm ecstatic because anytime I'm away from Memphis is a good time What about you all? Any special plans for you and your boo this weekend?

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