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Valentine's Mason Jar Tutorial

I saw a few different ways to make this cute Valentine's Day treat. It was just easier for me to buy everything premixed. I bought one box of Chex Cereal, one bag of the Chocolate Chex Mix, and one bag of the Turtle Chex Mix. I bought the cereal because those little bags can get expensive if you need to buy a few of them. Of course you can just make it with the Chex Cereal and call it a day~ you decide;o)

What you need:
Chex Mix/Cereal
Chocolate Candy Melts
Pink Sanding Sugar or Sprinkles

1.Combine and spread out your Chex Mix/Cereal into a baking pan.
2.Melt Chocolate according to package.
3.Pour and mix the melted Chocolate over the Cereal/Mix.
4. Evenly spread the Cereal/Mix out in the pan and sprinkle the Pink Sanding Sugar.

*I let mine dry for 1hr before scooping it into the Mason Jars~ Very much like Rice Crispy Treats.

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