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What I've Been Eating....

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I had a really good time this past weekend and i ate so much bad food. Every bite i took made me think of how long i would have to be on the elliptical/treadmill machine to burn the gazillions of calories off.
I am back on my health food and ready to get the rest of these pounds OFF! My boss who is also dieting suggested i try lean cuisine for my diet. Now i remember a while ago, a friend of mine and her boyfriend used to eat lean cuisine and they would swear it was "so good". Something about tv dinners just seem so yucky to me but i thought "Ok,let me just give it a try".

Chicken Margarita

I am so glad i tried it! My boss suggested sprinkling Mrs. Dash Original Table Blend and boy oh boy did it make a difference!! I have bought quite a few different lean cuisine meals and i think the swedish meatballs and the chicken margarita are my favorites. I don't have to worry about trying to cook a healthy meal, i just pop this baby in the microwave for like 4 minutes and POW instant yumminess :-)

I still eat Wendy's scrumptious Apple Pecan Chicken Salad about once a week, I get it without the bleu cheese I just don't like the taste of bleu cheese... yuck!

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

Before i start my workout in the morning I eat a bowl of hot oatmeal with chia seeds and honey. Its hard for me to eat it without sugar but i force myself. After my workout i eat a banana and drink a small Gatorade.

I'm going to buy a juicer and try juicing next, can't wait to give it a try! Any of you gals eating any special foods on your diet? Any special diet recipes?

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