Barbie World + weekend recap

A Great Time w/the Bestie

Car photo w/the bestie

Saturday i went to this latin club right up the street from my house. My intentions were to have a couple drinks there then head out to this other club. The margaritas we drank had another agenda lol. We were like wth is in these thangs! I had one and a half and felt like i drank 20 shots of patron smh. I danced bachata like i never danced before. Truly had a really good time, i needed that :-)


Bar photo w/the bestie

Below are some picture my step brother took of me, i was just having fun and the pics turned out really cute. Love my lil bro ♥

Rocking a SUPER old half wig(Outre Sabina)

My lil bro, wuv you muah!

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