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Bold eyes & Nude lips


Well, if you follow my page you know that I am not fond of nude lipstick, not at all! However, for variety sake and as requested, I have been trying some of the Maybelline Nude line that just came out. I think it makes my lips look odd in pictures (but so do some pinks!!!) but here ya go:

I also did one of my favorite eye looks. Brown (or gold!!) eye shadows and a pop of blue underneath as eyeliner. I really could wear this everyday and not get tired of it. I have been wearing some of the Maybelline color tattoos for this look as they are so easy to use. However, I recently re-bought a favorite from last year from essence and used it today.

Products used:
*Ulta Foundation They run specials for buy one get one half off frequently.
*Studio Gear cc cream (really covers my red spots!) $34.00 but use my code GORGLAM13 for 10% off.
Kat Von D Palette "LadyBird" $36
*Essence long-lasting eye pencil in Turquoise $2.50 @ Ulta
*Maybelline lipstick in 915 "Blushing Beige" Around $6.00 @ Walgreen's
*Lightning lash mascara from Sally's' Beauty Supply $10
*Essence Best Lash Mascara from Walgreen's Around $3.00
Don't forget the mascara:
Here is one of my favorites:
and here is how I apply it:

Hope you like the look and I will try to add more nude lipsticks on my Facebook page! What do you think about nude lipstick/gloss? Let us know @

-Kerrie *** As always, blogger is messing up. Please look to the side for the picture and so sorry about spacing. Hopefully will be switched to wordpress soon.

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