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Dinner w/Debz: Carribbean Chicken & Fried Brown Rice

For the past few days i have been feeling really icky and out of wack. The season change has been getting to me. I've been having sinus headaches,running noses, itchy throats, and a nasty little cough. Today i had to call off of work which is totally not me but i was in such agony this morning i just couldn't do it.

After laying in bed all day, drugged up from all my over-the-counter meds, i finally got a burst of energy and decided to make the chicken i had marinating over night. I usually make this dish with HOT jerk seasoning but today i opted for just Caribbean mild seasoning because my throat just couldn't handle the heat today. If you would like to try the jerk chicken version here's a pick of the seasoning i usually use:

Grace Jerk Seaoning
I marinated my chicken overnight with these spices....

I then heated 2 tablespoons of olive oil in my Wak and sauteed 2 tablespoons of garlic along with some chopped celery,onions,and green bellpeppers.

I sauteed them for about 8 minutes then removed them from the pan and set them to the side. I diced up my chicken then cooked them in small batches so that they would fry not boil.

After i've cooked all the chicken, i removed it from the pan, wash the pan out(i just have to have a clean pan after cooking meat in one). I reheat a teaspoon of olive oil and cook my one egg(i used egg beaters,use what you like).

Once i've fried that egg up, i then put my chicken and cooked vegetables back into the pan with the eggs and mix everything up. While i'm mixing it,my brown rice is heating up in the microwave.

Now that's all mixed up and on to adding the brown rice. Once the brown rice is in there, i added some lite soy sauce. I just eyeball it or season to taste.

... the end result? Yummy Goodnes!!! You should give it a try, Bon Appetit :-D

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