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Eyeshadow 101 Color & Styles

Just put together some different colors & ways to wear eyeshadow... There are tons more but here are a few...

One of the most popular looks I have found is one color in the crease (or just above it) with a highlight on your brown bone.

"Winged" as I call it. Eyeliner brushes are good for making an outline to fill it. Blend to soften line.

Rounded- Bh Cosmetics. Orange is rounded just above the crease. Blue eyeshadow as winged liner.

Neutral. I love this brown because it has a little shimmer in it. Browns look good on a big variety of skin tones and look great with black eyeliner.

Smokey Eye- Blending is key here. You can use a smudge brush or your finger under your eye for that smokey effect. I typically use just eyeshadow but you can apply eyeliner with a little bit of eyeshadow to make this beautiful effect.

Light color in the inner corner (apply first) and blend a little with blender brush (Elf makes a great cheap one) then apply your darker shade from the outer corner in. Now blend! You have to be careful doing so or you just mix the colors too much, a light hand is needed. Sometimes with side by side looks I blend very well and sometimes I only blend to where the shadow lines aren't to harsh. It just depends on the colors I am wearing or applying on a client. 

Here is another two color look, one that I only lightly blend. I like the colors to stand out but not seem too harsh. I am really into double eyeliner on the bottom as well. I will have a blog for eyeliners, soon. Yellow & Green from Nyx Palette

To help get eyeshadow right were you want it, a short eyeshadow brush works best.
* Elf's studio eyeshadow "C" brush (3.00) * Elf's Essential Eyeshadow Brush (1.00)

For little details, like highlighting in the inner corner or even applying eyeliner:
* Elf Studio Small Angled Brush (3.00) * Elf Small precision brush (3.00)

* I need to venture out more as far and brush brands, although these all work GREAT and are cheap..but it's always fun to try new things *
* A eyeliner brush is awesome for using as an outline to get a specific shape with your eyeshadow like the above "winged" look... just blend the line so it doesn't look too sharp.

Other brushes & products I love:
Eco Tools- Bamboo Powder Brush for powder or blush under 10.00 @ Ulta
Eco Tools- Angled Eyeliner Brush 5.49 @ Ulta
Bh Cosmetics Classic smudge brush 3.95
NYX Eyeshadow base in white 6.99 @ Ulta and so far I am finding just as good as expensive ones.
MAC shadow base- bare study around 16$

Alright, as I said there are tons more looks out there, these were some of my fav....Below is a few more pictures of me and clients, oh and my twin..can you tell which one is her!!! Good luck if you've never met us!

- Kerrie

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