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My latest look obsession for Spring!

If you've been on my page lately Gorgeous-Glamour Facebook page then you have no doubt seen the look I have been wearing quite frequently. Brown/neutrals with a pop of blue underneath as eyeliner. Started wearing this a lot last spring and just picked it back up. I wanted to give you a few tips on how to pull this off!

Here is a general step by step, I will try to do a picture step by step in the future. I know those sometimes help you guys more!

1) Apply a eye shadow primer. For this look, I used NYX's pencil in the color "MILK". Really helps that blue stand out! There is a reason this pencil is so popular!!! Go under your eye with the primer where you will apply the liner as well.

* Apply the pencil all over your lid and then smooth it out using your ring finger.

2) You can use any combo of browns/golds/neutrals you want here. I have been using a palette from Stilla a lot. Remember that typically, you would want a light highlight right under your brown bone & the inner corner, works well for this look. If you use two brown/gold shades, the darker share needs to go on the outer corner. You know I don't believe in following makeup rules to much, but this one is usually a must for me. I love Real Techniques eye shadow brush for this. I get mine at Ulta and the run specials frequently.

* If you apply the highlighted color first and then your brown shades, everything will blend together nicely.

*Highlight color *Blend *Neutrals *Blend

3) Apply your concealer under your eye and then your pop of blue underneath. I have been using the Maybelline color tattoos or my Essence eyeliner in Turquoise. I use either my Elf eyeliner brush or Sonya K. (Target)

* Make sure you smudge this blue or you will wind up with a mess! No one wants messy blue smudges under your eyes, unless your a smurf that is! A blending brush or even a q-tip work well for this. Go over the eyeliner, back and forth, back and forth. It helps take off the excess and sticks to your skin better.


* Makeup sure that you do not have any eye cream products on your eyelid when you start this process.
* Blending is a big key here, it is hard to do and I still am brushing up on my technique. Keeping several clean blending brushes or a quick drying brush cleaner is the key. I have a few ELF blending brushes around at all times. Using a swiping motion (a swiping, small-circular motion works well too) Watch this and you will be blending like a pro in no time!

* After I smudge my eyeliner, I go under it with a q-tip with some face powder on it. This seems to help keep it from smudging as well.

Again with this look, I was using this foundation:
*Ulta Foundation They run specials for buy one get one half off frequently.
*Studio Gear cc cream (really covers my red spots!) $34.00 but use my code GORGLAM13 for 10% off.

Don't forget the mascara
Here is one of my favorites:

I used my Revlon Color Balm Lip stain in Cherish with some other generic lip gloss.

Make sure your brows look nice. I am growing mine out because I need them serviced by a pro again. I try to maintain mine so I don't have to go get them done that often. They need a re-do!

Here is the post I made about this look with Nude lips.

I much prefer this look today with pink lips. You know I wear pink a lot of the time, but also I have learned some just don't look right in photos.

I hope you like this look, I sure do. Hopefully this pointers will help you to achieve it. I hopefully will have my blog moved to word press soon, there's been some issues. I just can't deal with Blogger and the problems with photos and word spacing.

Have a fantastic weekend, Friday is here!!


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