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The Avon experiement

Hello friends,

I am soon to be looking for additional income since we just moved into a house. I have some things going on with Gorgeous-Glamour also and don't want to commit to addition hours somewhere else, so I am going to try AVON. I don't plan on having parties or taking brochures out anywhere, although, who knows, right? I plan on selling mainly online.
Most of my orders will be from clients online, (shipping is cheap and I was told clients always get a little discount if they order online) although I will make some orders myself and either ship to the customers or hand deliver. I am going to try this out and see how it works, and let you knows guys know..let's call it the AVON EXPERIMENT.
I know several of you are looking for additional income as well. I don't know everything about this yet but I am going to give it my all and if you sign up under me, I will share information that I learn as I go. Who's with me? It's just 10$ dollars to sign up. You do place orders every two weeks, however their is a certain time you can go without placing any (I won't be placing one every two weeks for sure)..if you exceed that time, then you just pay the 10$ again. This is what has been told to me by the rep that I signed up under.
Well, Let's see how this goes. For 10$ and my first order getting a big discount (additional discounts are based on your order size), it's worth it to rack up some goodies for the 10$ dollars I spent signing up- I will use this to purchase a little stock but I won't keep much on hand. I will have a web site and I will post some things on Gorgeous-Glamour.
Well, wish me luck..let's see if you can make Avon just selling online.
WHO'S WITH ME?!?! Let me know

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