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Too busy to wash your face at night... think again... 4 easy steps!

Washing your face at night is so important. Taking just a few minutes will greatly improve the health of your skin, make foundations and powders go on smoother in the morning, and in the long run... help your skin look better for as your grow older. I put together a few tips that I use to make sure I always get my face washed.

Lets do a quick wash in a few easy steps:
1) Pull hair back with a headband or elastic
2) A cleaner with a pump is great to have and leave on your counter for easy access. I like Cetaphil. Circular motions to cleanse.
3) Cool water to rinse.
4) A good moisturizer and go!! I always put Vaseline all on and around my lips, trying to prevent too many lip lines. A firming moisturizer for around your eyes is always worth a few seconds of time!

(read more)There you go. 5 minutes tops!

If you do these quick 4 steps every night, your skin will thank you for it! Sometimes I get so tired right before bed, so I do this when I am taking a break from working or a commercial break to avoid the too tired excuse.

If for some reason you don't even have time for the 4 quick steps above, use a facial wipe. They are fine for the occasional use and you can use while your multitasking. Try to use one without Alcohol, as it can be very drying.

Steps you can save for days when you have a little more time.

* Exfoliating. It is very important to get those dead skin cells off. St. Ives Apricot scrub is one of my favorites. 3.79 @ Walgreen's (It is important to try and do this at least every few days, however, a light scrub like this is great used daily if possible)
* Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque 4.29 @ Walgreen's Takes 15 minutes to dry but so worth it if you can use it once a week or so. Makes your skin feel so clean and refreshed!!
* Exfoliate your lips. Use a scrub, Mary Kay makes a good one, But really a toothbrush works awesome... here's a link to a home made scrub I can't wait to try...

Some products I love:

Dove Cool Moisture Facial Cleansing Cloths
A llittle something extra than just wipes, add a little water and they foam up. You can cleanser and add some moisture in one.

Olay Age Defying Intensive Nourishing Night Cream 10.99 @ CVS
Worth every penny. Makes your skin feel so good and I believe it has helped me prevent some wrinkles.

Simple cleansing face wipes 6.49 @ Walgreens.
I actually haven't tried these but want to as they don't have any alcohol and also say good to take off waterproof mascara!!

Alright, get to washin.....

Thank you Stacie T. for the idea to post this blog, I'll be checking in with you to see if you are doing so!!!

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