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Africa In April

All jewelery from Ebay bay bay lol(except the ring)

Ahh yes one of my FAVORITE festivals here in Memphis is Africa in April. It's the one time of year that i really look forward to, yeah there are other festivals(Greek,Italian,Memphis in May etc) but i really LOVE African culture. The music,jewlery,food,clothing,fabrics,beads,gosh i am so getty when i'm there hehe.

I ordered this Bob Marley shirt on ebay and my skirt is actually a thrifted maxi dress. I cut the top off of the dress and made it into a skirt and i LOVE it. The way it moved was soo pretty. I really thought the shirt was going to be smaller but it wasn't so bad :-/

Mommy and Me
Have a good one y'all :-D

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