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Blue and Chocolate

Ahh yes the sweet taste of liberty! That's how i felt yesterday as i took in the beautiful sights at the river. I was off from work and just shooting the breeze at a casino in Mississippi called Fitzgerald's. I looked out from the casino and noticed a beautiful waterfront and HAD to grab my camera and take some pics. The view was just gorgeous!

The top you've seen before but i just didn't realize how much stuff it really goes with! Like i put 5 outfits together with this darn shirt but i don't want to do a chambray overload. It's a thrifted top and the skinnys i bought at a store called GITI in Gwinnett Place Mall(lawrenceville,ga) like back in November,purse is OLD from Claire's,shoes i got locally(shoe land).

Now my jewelry is mostly from eBay, the whitish color one i got from Forever21 back in October when i was in Chicago.

The newest member to my family of snake jewelry :-) (ebay)

My favorite ring i got from Forever21 in Chicago

My friend was snapping so many pictures that i actually felt like i was doing a real photo shoot, my waiter even asked me was i a model when he saw my camera. I smiled and said " No I'm not a model....I'm a blogger" *in my James Bond voice*

The casino had a yummy buffet,this is ONE of the 2 plates i had,a tasty sliced chicken with fresh spinach and veggie salad (I won't tell u what that OTHER plate had on it *side eye*)

Weightloss update coming soon :-)

I don't usually take pics from behind but i'm glad i did, i can see the sweaty,painful workouts at the gym are finally paying off... thank ya Geeeeezus lol!

The sunset was lovely and so serene,isn't nature beautiful? Thanks for stopping by,enjoy your Thursday lovebugs :-)

P.S. You gals loved these so much on my last post sorry for not posting the brand. They are by: Bertinni and i purchased them last year at i believe.

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