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How I Curl My Synthetic Wig

Hey y'all!! You like my hair? It's NOT mine hehe it's my "girl" Sabina!

The style was done on my OLD half wig "Sabina". I've had this wig since October and occasionally whip it out to revive it. This time i just didn't know what to do because the wig was so freggin worn out. It had a slight wave but was bushy and just lifeless. Then a light bulb went off. I remembered as a kid i got those braids with synthetic hair(i've had them twice in my life) and the stylist put them on a roller then dipped them in hot water so they would be curly. I thought "I should try putting my wig on rollers and dousing it in hot water to see if it will curl."

Well gals,it did curl! I wore this wig and my co-workers thought it was my hair! If i can fool people into thinking it's mine that lets me know i am doing a pretty good job with my weaves/wigs. The object of having a weave is to have hair that looks like it grew out of your scalp right?

One thing i do want to suggest is to NOT blow dryer this hair. Put it on the rollers,let it air dry for a day or two then rock it. Don't put too much hair on the rollers because it will take longer to dry. Remember it is synthetic and you can take the chance of melting the hair if you blow dry. Also, comb each piece with care before you wrap the hair on the rollers,brushing it will only make it more bushy. These curls WILL hold so make sure you get the size roller you want for your desired style you'd like. Please feel free to ask any questions if you need more detail on how i achieved the look. You can also check out the video below to see the look in motion. Thanks so much gals,ciao :-D

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