Marsha Ambrosius in Concert!

Hey gals, Tuesday started out a little rough for me but ended GREAT! I was a little ill early in the morning and had to call into work. I stayed in bed, watched some tv, and fell asleep on my laptop smh. Well my bff called me around 5:30pm to see what i was doing which was nothing. She then made my day when she told me she had 2 free tickets to see Melanie Fiona, Anthony David, and my FAV hair crush MARSHA AMBROSIUS. My bff said "Be ready in an hour!"...... I've never gotten ready so darn fast lol.

Anthony David did a marvelous job! I am in love with him, such a beautiful voice and awesome soul. Now Melanie Fiona.....uhhh... well... shes pretty and has a beautiful voice, just CRAPPY songs. I mean, I was sitting waaayyy up in the balcony (remember these were free tickets lol). When I looked down at people, they were on their phones NOBODY was feeling Melanie's boring music smh. It was the total opposite when Marsha and Anthony were singing. Anywho, here's a pic of me and my bestie at the concert.....

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