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Masquerade Party

My dressed was purchased from ASOS like FIVE years ago and this was my FIRST time wearing it.

Happy Sunday! Last night i went to the birthday party of my mom's best friend. She turned 50 years old and boy does she know how to throw a party! She went with a Masquerade party theme and everything was put together ssoo nicely. If there is one thing i always try to make sure i do it's go to the birthdays parties of my friends which can be hard sometimes because some of their birthdays land on the SAME day(i had THREE friends with bdays this weekend).

Mask-ebay,ring-forever21,bracelets-claire's,purse-forever21(mad old lol)

Shoes are old,they were gifted to me on my birthday 2010

Yes I am a beer drinker(I'm Panamanian*throws hands up* lol)

I dressed my mother up, she was determined to wear some horrible frilly looking dress that made her look like she just stepped out of a early 90s prom night. I politely looked at the dress and said "No ma'am" lol. Here's what i ended up putting her in....

Getting her dance on(I'm not good at dancing that wobble song)
The birthday girl looked so gorgeous and if this is what FIFTY looks like then i am no longer scared of getting old lol. I've never seen her so dressed up and i just couldn't stop staring at her. I love this woman :-)

It was a night of good fun,laughs,and food :-)

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