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My Weekly Hair Regimen

I get a lot of people that ask me how I take care of my hair and I could just go on all day because I do a lot to to keep it healthy and moisturized. Basically this is what I do:

Monday: I co-wash with a cheapie condish, apply a dollop of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie while my hair is dripping wet, seal my hair and ends, air dry, then place my hair in a bun to protect my ends. Tuesday: Moisturize with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and seal with Olive Oil. Place hair in a protective style to keep my ends from splitting. Wednesday: Depending on what my hair looks like I may repeat everything I did on Monday. If not I will simply repeat what I did on Tuesday. Thursday: I repeat Tuesdays routine, may throw on a wig to change it up. Friday: Repeat mondays routine, wear a wig or do a twisted bantu knot out Saturday: Repeat tuesdays routine. Sunday: This day is where all the work comes in! I get up at 8 am and start the process of shampooing, remember all week I am washing my hair with a conditioner which is great for the hair. What's bad is when you shampoo everyday that my friend is very drying. I put my hair in 4 loose braids then douse my hair with coconut oil as my pre-poo or make my own little pre-poo concoction (pix coming soon).
I leave it in with a cap on for about and hour, then i pull out my Giovanni Smooth As Silk shampoo and start to wash my hair in sections. After I'm done washing i prepare my deep conditioner mix. Usually I use Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner mixed with a tbs.. of honey & olive oil. Apply to my hair and sit under my bonnet hair dryer for 20 mins.

After the 20 mins, I rinse my hair with the coldest water I can take to help with the shine. Then I just apply my leave in conditioner which is now Kinky Curly Knot Today. I let my hair air dry and style. Caring for natural/transitioning hair is not easy like some people think. If you don't keep up with your hair it will get dry,brittle and break, not to discourage anyone because I truly love textured hair but as you can see this is just my WEEKLY regimen. I do more things to it monthly but thats a WHOLE other post lol. Putting all that time into your hair yield marvelous results which is well worth it to me :-)

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