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New products from S.W.A.Y Cosmetics

Hey out there!

I sure do love S.W.A.Y cosmetics and about fell over in excitement when I opened a goodie box with some new things!!! BEAUTIFUL eyeshadow and NEW lip gloss, yippee!!!

The eyeshadow collection I received is called "PARTY GIRL" you can buy them as a set (which I highly recommend) or individually.

25$ for the set is an amazing deal!

Make sure you grab some eye primer and setting spray while your on their site!

I also received two of the new lip glosses."Charmed" and "Forever yours. You really can't ever have too much Lip Gloss!

I will definitely be wearing some of these new products to school tonight! I will let you know as I try these out the Lip Gloss how it is, but we all already know the eyeshadow rocks!
Go get your own S.W.A.Y COSMETICS TODAY!!/SwayCosmetics

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