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Want to dry your nails FAST and cheap???

Hello everyone,

As you may know, I am by no means a nail expert. However, I do think almost any one's nails look prettier when painted. I try to keep up with mine but, well....what can I say, I'm not the nail whisper. I will leave that to one of my makeup besties- Dylan @ Tell him I sent ya!

Anyway, I came across this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G stuff.
Essence - Express Dry Drops 2,99 @ Ulta. (Did you know you can't buy essence on their web site I was so upset as I want some of the new fruity items that none of the Ulta's around here are carrying.

It was so easy and quick to use! I painted all the fingers on my left hand, and then used the dropper and placed one drop on each finger (two for the thumb!) and by the time I was done with them all, bingo! DRY NAILS! I don't mean "dry enough" I mean DRY! I was so impressed! A fellow beauty lover let me know on my page that it affected their polish color, so make sure you don't do it RIGHT after you paint your nail! I typically use a spray but this was a little bit more effective. I did have to wash my hands and get the extra "oil" off. I am excited because the wait time is what kills me, now I can actually change my polish more often. Yeah for essence. I know everyone talks about Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat but I think it's about 8$ to 10$ dollars, so I will stick with this. I guess that would save you an extra step since you would use that as a clear top coat as well, but for the price..... I don't always do a top coat anyway (don't shoot me nail experts!).
Not sure if you can find it in your area but I sure hope so. Maybe we should write essence and let them know how much we want them to sale their items online!

Hope you enjoy and hope this makes your beauty routine a little faster!


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