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"I'm Going Back To Cali... Cali... Cali"

My nephew Jalen and Me @ PinkBerry 2009

This Friday I am heading to California for the weekend, I'm super excited because My new niece is scheduled to arrive THIS Wed. via c-section so I will be the first one on my side of the family to meet her. My brother has a son who will be 2 in June and a step son (Jalen) that I love with all my heart. My brother and his family mean so much to me and I only wish I lived closer to watch them grown up.

I CANNOT leave California without stepping into Zara and H&M! I don't have access to these stores here and since they don't offer online stores Its a must that I pick up a few items. I've got some really cute 'fits I put together for the weekend, Can't wait to show you gals!! TTYL :-)

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