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I really wish I had some good things to say about those Bee Pollen pills but unfortunately I don't :-(
I'm not going to put any before and after pics up because I look the same way I did before. I lost 2lbs :-S
NOT what the pill claims you will loose in your first week (10-12lbs). I took the pills just like the bottle said and I ate lighter and did Zumba and nada *sigh*. I am going to finish the bottle out and HOPE that maybe just MAYBE the weight will just miraculously fall off my body lol.

In the meantime, I am going to join a local gym to pump up my workout and commit to walking 30 minutes everyday before I head to work. I have a bike that I need to put some new tires on so i will take that to a local bike trail on the weekends. I really want to drop this weight like REAL bad. Maybe I will join Weight Watchers too.

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