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The American Democrat Vs. Barbie

Barbie doll

Democrat Jeff Eldridge from the Western Virginia has suggested to prohibit sale of a Barbie doll, and also all similar dolls, is inform by MSNBC.

In its opinion, similar toys negatively influence girls. Dolls force them to give less attention to intellectual development.

Barbie Doll — Flaw of the American Society

Representatives of American company Mattel which is responsible for manufacture of Barbie dolls, in any way have not commented on the initiative of the legislator.

Next week, on March, 9th, Barbie will note the 50 anniversary. The toy has been created in 1959. It named in honor of daughter Ruth Handler, one of foundresses of company Mattel.

Barbie ban in West Virginia

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The American Democrat Vs. Barbie + West Virginia