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Feminism — soil for design

Evolution of the woman

Including concerning natural departures. Time is women doing not wish to be reconciled with the "belittled" position, means, there is a demand. And demand, as is known, gives rise to the offer. Also it zakrutilos-was started turning… What trifle… you will tell. At all is not present!

SymbolFor the sake of these adaptations in a round dance physicians, industrial and graphic designers, psychologists and experts in ergonomics have begun to spin. I do not know, when for the first time there were similar "devices", but that for the present moment their assortment, is wide enough it precisely. I was convinced of it, preparing this material. By the way, for especially envious persons devices similar to a penis are offered, but it is a separate theme...

Daniela LengersOn thought concluded in the review name, me the project of German designer Daniela Lengers has pushed.
The project under name Stand2Pee, as a matter of fact, is the complex decision. In which to the women, wishing to cast as the man, it is given on a choice of the whole three various ways. What? Two with use of special adaptations. One "device" from plastic also is reusable.
It is necessary to notice, that the adaptation under name TravelMate is prize-winner The Medical Design Excellence Awards in a nomination «Over-the-counter and self-care products». There is also such award.

Superiority signOther "device" is disposable and is made of a paper. The pattern and the manufacturing scheme is applied by improvised means.

Well and the third way is in detail described in the booklet and on a project site

Daniela Lengers, graduate Muenster University of Applied Sciences, has developed a corporate style for these original adaptations, as the degree project.
The project has turned out fashionable, bright, easy, quite logical and not without humour and irony. The woman rising from a semibent position, reminds the scheme of evolution of the person across Darwin.

Provocative positionIn the project it is possible to note influence of pop art and club culture of the end 90. Fashionable nowadays in Australia colour sexy-pink, initially positioned as the maiden colour and scale of red-pink shades, associate with "Barbie's" doll, one of mass culture phenomena.

The girl with widely placed feet and provocative position of hands… \/ Became the basic symbol of the project.
Not clear, there was that fact, whether it was possible to realise commercially this project or the project while in a working out stage.

Who knows, there can be in the future any woman cannot imagine the everyday life without such adaptation. And can, the gene engineering will introduce "fruits".

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Feminism — soil for design + women