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Momoko — the Japanese sight at a fashion

Momoko doll

Hardly slanting eyes, thin fragile wrists and anklebones, a small mouth... Dolls Momoko, long-legged as characters anime, harmonous Japanese — since 2001 win hearts of collectors from senior, more glamour and more known competitors.

Originally dolls Momoko were expensive collection objects which easily do not get and cheaply are not bought. For these the first Momoko, known as Petworks Momoko, the price list in some hundreds dollars was sad, but an inevitable reality, as well as short limits in 125-300 copies. When the rights to manufacture of dolls Momoko have passed to Sekiguchi these Japanese maidens really "have come to the people" — the prices have fallen off till 70-80$ for the most inexpensive dolls in rulers, and images became much more youth and various.


Here and Gainax Girls, and variations on themes of subcultures (Mama Told Me Momoko carries a leather jacket and a vest with inscription God Save The Doll, KANA Momoko it is dressed on a fashion gothic lolita, Minna-de-Tsukuru Momoko prefers black-pink scale not requiring representation...) But in majority Momoko is a quintessence street fashion, truly Japanese level. These dolls even on shorts will have pastes and tiny prints, and caps will be stitched in all put places.

Japanese doll

Doll Momoko — completely on hinges.

The doll belongs to the standard of fashionable dolls of scale 1/6 (easier speaking, "the Japanese Barbie" growth about 27 centimetres). 3-4 dolls for a season, not including the limited special releases usually are issued.

Momoko boy

Faces at all dolls Momoko identical, that for a fashion-doll in a standard situation; and here at the expense of a different list and hairdresses each new doll Momoko finds the individual image.

Momoko girl

It is necessary to note separately special releases of design dolls Momoko.

These dolls are created in the single copy, and for the ordinary collector to get them it is practically impossible.

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Momoko — the Japanese sight at a fashion + style