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Super Maria

Sacred Barbie

In the world in which there was no anything sacred Barbie's sacred quite logically occurrence or the sacred geisha. It is not excluded, that in 1000 people will trust in one of such sacred and to pray to super Maria.


For now, French artist Soasig Chamaillard makes advances to religion, and it is possible to tell, that is very graceful and even it is beautiful, transforming St. Maria's figure in a souvenir. Whether thus religion will be more clear and closer to the artist? He searches for the answer...

Indian Barbie

To probably, believing people, especially Catholics, it will seem true blasphemy, I, from its part, respect the creative approach to everything, even to such disputable kind of knowledge as belief. After all, with the advent of belief and religion people have shared on those who trusts, does not trust and doubts.

The artist, as a rule, doubts...

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Super Maria + religion