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Pepper spray — your personal bodyguard!

Pepper spray

Peppery gas is much more effective some tear gas. A peppery spray will instantly paralyse the criminal and do not possess any by-effects. Peppery gas under various trade marks is issued and is packaged in bottles and cylinders of different volumes.

Cayenne pepper

The pepper spray is made from a natural product capsium oleoresini. If peppery gas to apply correctly the spray for short time completely puts out of action the person of any physical and emotional standard. Peppery gas causes in the victim fits of coughing and an asthma; the victim cannot open an eye and tests the strongest burning on a skin.

Cayenne pepper

Do not spray against a wind!

Certainly, and peppery gas too has lacks. The spray cannot be sprayed against a wind. If to apply peppery gas indoors the peppery spray can paralyse all present.
There was a case when one unlucky visitor of restaurant has decided to show action of peppery gas to the friend. In some minutes, from restaurant it was necessary to evacuate all visitors and attendants. If there is no possibility to apply a peppery spray, womens boots — are always aimed exclusively in a groin!

In a groin

The cloud of the gas sprayed on open air, completely dissipates in forty five minutes. If suddenly you have undergone to influence of peppery gas you should wash out immediately eyes cold water and to leave on fresh air. Then it is necessary to wash up all body and hair with soap.

However, at all not accepting any actions, you will come in yourselves of minutes through fifteen or, at worst, in forty five minutes. If you have not recovered and through three quarters of hour call the doctor. Having come in itself, wash all clothes. If womens work clothes has undergone interaction with peppery gas the clothes should be washed properly.

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Pepper spray — your personal bodyguard! + women