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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Imagine that your wife is pregnant with your second child and you’re planning on throwing her a baby shower because at the first one she received some great gifts like a couple Lovies, a bunch of bibs and even some of those cool trumpette socks, among other things. So you think it would be cool toyou’re your second child the same jump start on necessities that your first child got.

Tubbies, lovies, burp cloths, bibs, blankets and boppy pillows are all things that new babies need to feel comfortable. So are pacifiers and sippy cups. Toys and necessities are great, but everyone seems to give the same thing.

The key is to get creative, fashion baby wash cloths or burp cloths into flowers. Rolling the burp cloth lengthwise, somewhat loosely, will create the look of a rose or flower. Folding the very last corner of the rolled burp cloth end back a little will create a rose petal shape. Making a fold in the middle of the rolled burp cloth makes two flowers. Holding two floral wires against the flowers, floral tape is wrapped around each flower and across the "U" shape of the rolled burp cloth to join the flowers together at the base. This will secure the flowers and floral wire.

White puppyThen you can utilize a pair of baby socks to create roses by tightly rolling the socks from the toe. Once you have reached the end of the sock, fold the opening back on itself to create the outer petal of the rosebud.

Take care not to cause any damage in this next step, as you insert a piece of floral wire is into the center of the baby sock. Finally, wrap the bottom of the baby sock rosebud with green sticky floral tape to hold the rosebud and wire in place.

Don’t just limit yourself to burp cloths. You can use onesies, baby hats, old t-shirts or almost anything made of cloth. Homemade creations can make wonderful baby shower gifts.

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas + wonderful