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Black Dresses for Barbie

Twelve Barbie dolls will present all nationalities and embodying canons of modern female beauty. With start of this dolls collection from Mattel Co. will be created a new label — Black Label (at present exist Pink Label, Silver Label, Gold Label and Platinum Label). On all dolls elegant black evening dresses and magnificent shoes.

12 Desperate Dolls

The cheap price beginning with $20 for 1 doll (without delivery) — one more distinctive feature of these Barbie dolls: availability + high quality of dolls — very attractive combination. It's necessary to notice that the nearest conceptual analogue — Integrity Toys Basic Editions (ITBE) (dolls by Jason Wu).

Mattel designer Bill Greening explains occurrence of base dolls to those, that the dolls market have a set of the remarkable artists creating really ingenious dolls on the basis of Barbie which win prizes on conventions and inspire collectors on creation of own unique dolls.

Obviously also: uniqueness and an individualization is one of the most actual trends in the dolls market, therefore key players even more often use the unique style for own dolls.

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