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I Think If the Jewelry Bloggers Ruled the World, There Would Be No War!

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My experience has been that the self-interests of these new friends are tempered by generosity, encouragement, sharing and grace! Marika is such a person. A few interactions with Linda and I found myself gifted with these beautiful beads! I love them so much, but the person who created them is every bit as lovely.

Marika lives in a beautiful part of Virginia called Suffolk. Suffolk is surrounded by water and is the site of "The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, which is a paradise to birders around the world and home to rare flora and fauna that may be found nowhere else in the state."

Not selling online yet, Marika sells through a bead store, Beadworkz, and a gallery, Shooting Star. She has had two tutorials published in The Annealer; a strawberry tutorial and one on the curved bead. Two of Marika's beads have been featured in De Beers' jewelry in Belle Armoire. Marika says, "Sandy is a local multimedia and jewelry artist who knows no boundaries."

It's absolutely not too late to join in on the fun at the marketing intensive given by K.C. Willis. We've had one video and lots of discussions among us. I cannot begin to tell you what an impact the video had on my thinking... and we're just at the beginning! One of the topics of the video was "branding" and I realized that the focus of my work has changed since I started this blog and my etsy jewelry site... I need to create a face that more appropriately describes my interests. You may be seeing some changes in the future from me in this regard... under the tutelage of Maven Willis!

And for those of you who are worried about "copying," we've covered that one, too. Think "Fairy Dust." I know I gotcha now! If you've got $144 that you want to spend on building a foundation for the future growth of your business, join us. This is an introductory price that is time limited. I'm not kidding. You won't be sorry.

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