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I Feel the Good Game!


After 22 years, I think I’m finally mentally prepared to take on a healthier, well-balanced diet. I’m not trying to lose weight or anything. I just want to feel healthier and have more energy. I feel like if I eat “good” meals most of the time that I will never have to deprive myself of anything or feel guilty if I eat a cookie or get nachos at the game. Plus, it can’t hurt to try to take on better eating habits while I actually still have a metabolism.

The good news is that I really do like a lot of foods that are said to be good for you. I like fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and all that jazz. I’m also not looking to diet, so I’m not going the insanely strict route of cutting out carbs and what not. I want this to be a lifestyle thing and not a masochistic thing. The bad news is that I’m absolutely lost when it comes to cooking. I have like 3 recipes and they are about as basic and boring as you can get. I won’t last long rotating the same menu every few days. I’m weak.

So, here’s what I’m looking for…

  • How to cook or season chicken. I’m clueless. I don’t even know what to do if I wanted to make chicken fajitas.
  • How to cook or season vegetables. (See chicken)
  • A somewhat healthier way of making pizza and macaroni and cheese. I found a substitute for french fries in sweet potatoes, but these two are still major weaknesses.
  • Ideas. What are your favorite recipes or foods that are filling but won’t make my heart hate me? I like tilapia with a basil/olive oil concoction, but it's getting old.

Also, the toughest thing for me, especially when I go out to eat, is that I don’t like salad. Lettuce is ick to me and french fries are not. See how your help is majorly NEEDED? Here’s what I picked up today to restock the fridge. (I also have Skinny Cow to get me through the tough times.) And since I’m told that flattery will get you everywhere – I would like to remind you all how awesome you are.

My New Day Dress

So today was rather productive - I almost slept through class and decided that I needed a new girly day dress for no other reason than I'm just bored and want to procrastinate via online shopping. Anyway, I figure I should be versatile and go for something I can wear with flats in the afternoon and sass-up at night with some heels.

I'm not sure if it's the dress or the insanely gorgeous model, but something about this picture made me feel like owning this dress would change my life and knock Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome right to his weak knees - IF he ever gets here. (Seriously though - I think I have my first girl-crush.) Ok, this next one is definitely a bit karate kid meets Elle Woods' bathrobe, but it looks pretty freaking good on the model, so I'm tempted to hull my butt out to Anthropologie to at least try it on. It would be mean to not even give it a fair shot, right? Because, you know, clothes have feelings 'n all.

Too bad "the one" will require me to shell out a couple hundred bucks for basically a long, cotton shirt - umm, yeahhh... MAJOR buzz kill, people. So, unless I convince myself that this tunic would really be worth it, I guess I'm still on the market or something like that.

Just got back from the Pirates game and we are starting off the season with a winning streak, people!

If you ever happen to be in Pittsburgh on a Pirates' Buc Night - take full advantage! Seriously, my friends and I paid $1 (one freaking dollar!) for first level seats to tonight’s game, and the Pirates did not disappoint. (Who knew?) There were home runs, fireworks, Manny-locks, pierogi races, and a walk-off single to end a gorgeous night. Plus, going out into civilization on a weeknight is quite the personal accomplishment for me, especially when there is a new CSI: NY on. So, I give myself a pat on the back for experiencing actual human interaction past 7 o'clock on a good TV night.

The pictures from the game are kind of crap because I'm still not smarter than my camera, but I thought I'd share anyway - even just to prove to myself that I actually witnessed a win...

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