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Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but somewhere in between working 60 hour weeks and watching reruns of the Vampire Diaries, I started caring about pots and pans. I even caught myself trying to start a conversation with my mom about SERVING DISHES. This from the girl who has never met a pot that she couldn't burn.

Luckily, CSN Stores has more faith in my culinary abilities than my mom, so I will be getting the opportunity to do another product review in the upcoming weeks! I'm still browsing through everything that CSN has to offer, but so far I'm really loving this chocolate mousse.

Too Good To Be True?

People, I have BIG news. I have made a truly earth-shattering discovery today. A rare creature hiding in plain sight that has only ever been previously spoken of in fairy tales and urban wedding myths.

That's right, I have found a bride that is actually letting her bridesmaids pick their own dresses. Style, fabric, color, EVERYTHING. I feel like I just spotted a unicorn or that Loch Ness Monster thing. And, just think, when I tell myself that this will be a dress that I can definitely wear again, I might even mean it this time! Small victories, my friends. Small victories... Sooo why exactly is everyone starting to take down their holiday decorations when I just finished putting mine up?

Are people really ready to accept that the holiday season is truly over?! Because I'm totally in denial. Our tree is staying up until at least Valentine's Day. Until then, a couple more things I'm not ready to put off for another year...

Weather Proofing

This weekend I'm focused on using my free time for good not evil which means finally putting the credit cards on lock down. Unless, of course, they are someone else's. Oh wait, that only happens in dream worlds. Well, at least I can still look...

With Squaw Valley weather being completely schizophrenic this past week, I made sure to plan an outfit that would be suitable for sunny skies and chirping birds or the return of snowmageddon. Unfortunately, I didn't plan on waking up with my throat on fire and the fever to go with it. So, instead of wearing this...

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