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Screenwriter and all-out legend Todd Farmer

Todd Farmer

Todd Farmer

Screenwriter and all-out legend Todd Farmer wants to swap Meter Maids for machetes. The Hollywood heavyweight is discussing plans with studio executives to film five horror films on the Gold Coast, Australia over the next three years and is meeting with studio executives to make it happen. Farmer, who penned horrors My Bloody Valentine, Jason X and the new Nicolas Cage film Drive Angry, arrived on the Coast on Monday with producer Kerri Hill-Grisham and over the next two weeks they will pitch the projects to executives on the GC and in Sydney.

``The idea is we would like to take movies that you can make in the Hollywood system and bring them here,'' he said.
``I've seen some great movies come from Australia, Wolf Creek being one of my favourites.
``We've three completed scripts and two outlines that are fully fleshed out and I've worked through with director Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine, Dracula 2000).''

Farmer said the Gold Coast was the perfect location to base the productions as it had `every location you can imagine'. Farmer and Hill-Grisham are also on the Coast for the Gold Coast Film Festival and on Sunday will conduct a seminar on Bringing Australian Stories to Hollywood – but they nearly didn't make it here.

``Qantas threw us a few curve balls but we got here,'' Farmer said.
``We had delayed flights, lost luggage and we were supposed to be here on Sunday and arrived Monday.''

A lover of genre films, Farmer said he was looking forward to seeing Gold Coast crime-thriller Bad Behaviour at the film festival on Saturday night. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to wearing the highly superior Friday The 13th shirt he gave me. Why? Because that’s the kind of awesome shit he does.

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Screenwriter and all-out legend Todd Farmer + Wolf Creek