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The Land of Nothing-To-Do.

That's where I'm going this weekend.

Teddy's puppy preschool is canceled tomorrow morning. Bailey can't get a grooming appointment until next weekend. Kyle is laid up on the couch with a very serious case of March Madness.

As for me, I have all sorts of nothings planned. A walk or two around the park with my dogs. Maybe some Irish soda bread and beer tomorrow, maybe not (definitely Waking Ned Devine though). Buying some grass seed and puttering around in the yard, perhaps. Movies and wine. It all depends on the weather, and how I'm feeling spur of the moment.

I want all my weekends to be like this, forever and ever, amen. Because really, is there anything more delicious than a weekend with no obligations?

(Okay, if I'm being totally real for a minute here, I actually do have an obligation this weekend -- I have to cover a work-related event on Sunday -- but it should be a nice little affair, and Sunday afternoon seems like the ideal time to do it, no? Especially after 72 straight hours of college basketball on in the background).

I don't write a lot about work on this blog (at least I don't think I do, but perhaps it seeps through subconsciously) because once in awhile, it feels like it's taking over my life. Not always, but sometimes. And my blog is my little corner of the earth, and so yea and verily I say unto work...

I'm sure I seem all lame-o on Mondays when people ask what I did last weekend and I meet them with a blank stare, and then a laugh. Oh, you know, a little of this, a little of that. Honestly, if there is more than one event planned over my weekend, I feel like it's been snatched away. When people discuss all the parties they attended and the dinners they went to and the work they did, it all sounds terribly hangover-y and expensive and exhausting.

Once in awhile I can muster enough enthusiasm for two separate get-togethers/outings/nights on the town in one weekend. But after that one weekend, oh baby. You might not see me for a month or two. I have to recover from all that exertion! I guard my at-home humfy time very zealously.

Just me in my bathrobe over the weekend.
So I am hereby reclaiming "nothing" as a perfectly acceptable answer to my weekend recap.
In other news, wasn't that thunderstorm last night completely delightful? We left the windows open all day, and the house smelled fresh in a way no amount of cotton or spring-scented candles can match. And then, when the air was heavy and the sky was dark, when the thunder began to rumble, we closed them -- all except our bedroom window, which mysteriously never lets in any rain -- and fell asleep to the sounds of the year's first evening storm.
Further unimportant updates:

I really, really like my $10 "jewel" necklace from Forever 21. Is there meaning in the name of that store? Am I too old to be wearing their stuff? Because I feel too old when I'm browsing their stuff and all I see are gaggles of 14 year old girls.
Perhaps I shouldn't be purchasing $10 necklaces in my advanced years. But I really, really like it.

Bailey has a favorite accessory too (and is getting a moment alone in the sun on my blog again, she'll be thrilled!)
Gosh, she is gorgeous. She's growing up into such a lady!

Lastly, my suspicions about the buds on the branches were confirmed. My eyes weren't playing tricks on me after all.
Spring has sprung.
I'll probably be back tomorrow to wax poetic about Ireland, because I am cheesy and hokey like that. In case I abandon that plan in favor of Guinness, though, hope you have a marvelous weekend.

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