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Easter Bunny Cupcakes!

Hello Party People! Loren from The Baking Sheet here with another fun tutorial for you! With Easter less than a week away I thought I would show how I made these cute little Easter Bunny cupcakes! They are super quick and easy to make!
You will need:
Freshly baked cupcakes (any flavor, your choice) Buttercream frosting, dyed green (I used Wilton GelPaste in Juniper Green) Crushed Oreos White Fondant (or gumpaste) Light Blue Fondant (or gumpaste) Pink Fondant (or gumpaste) Large Leaf Cutter Small Leaf Cutter (or a teardrop cutter)
Step 1 Roll out your white fondant to 1/8" thick and cutout some "ears" using the large leaf cutter

Step 2 Set your ears to harden on a flat surface dusted withpowdered sugar. Lift the tips of the ears and curl them on a woodendowel or one of these super sophisticated, high-tech baking tools,a.k.a: green Tinker Toy.;o)

Step 3 Roll out your pink and blue fondant using thesmall leaf cutter or teardrop cutter.

Step 4 Affix your pink and blueteardrops to the white bunny ears using just a drop of water. Let them dry and harden for a few hours

Step 5 Pipe your greenbuttercream on your cupcake using a grass tip #133. Start on the outside edge and go all the way around.

Step 6 Place a teaspoonful of crushed Oreos in the center tocreate your "bunny hole". You may have to press a knife into the dirt and intothe cupcake to make a slit for the ears so that they stand upright.

Hop on over to The Baking Sheet to find more fun Easter ideas! I'm on Facebook too! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Happy Baking! ~Loren

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