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Out with the cold, in with the woo. [E. Marshall]

I think spring fever, which has always been a serious malady for me, is destined to be downright deadly this year and in all the springs hereafter.
You see, I went and took the season that makes me giddy beyond the bounds of reason... and stuck our wedding right smack dab in the middle of it. As if all the tulips and sunshine and sweet smells and fresh paint weren't already enough to send me to the moon, I have this romantic, lovely nonsense to contend with now too. Each and every year.
Even though this guy I married has suddenly started sneezing when we usher in each spring morning...

via It seems he has become just a "little bit" allergic
... not even his (stupendously loud and powerful) sneezes can dampen my spring mood.
My coffee tastes better, and as I sip it and watch the dogs wrestle every morning, the sunshine peeks in and bathes the living room in soft golden light. No matter what the weather does later in the day, nearly every spring morning so far has been sunny.

via Almost like our urban neighborhood - almost.
The grass in our backyard is growing like crazy, a gorgeous emerald green. It's different than the dark dark green of mid-summer or the faded green of late summer -- this grass is new and young and clean. Buds on my peony bush are just beginning to peek through, considering things but not quite ready to reveal their magic. They burst forth with the warmer suns of May, and we're getting there far too quickly for my taste. I want to linger in this season within a season.
You know what I mean. There's early, mid, and late points to each quarter of the year (this is how seasonholics like myself divide our enthusiasm up 16 ways instead of just four). Early winter and late winter are completely different animals. The heat of early June and late August are entirely distinct kinds. But mid-spring and mid-autumn. Oh, those few weeks are magic.
Early spring is frosty but hopeful. Late spring is languid and warm. This slice of spring right now, though -- the late middle of April -- this is freshness personified. There's a reason Earth Day comes around this time of year.

via Ah, Mount Washington -- wait, no.
All of these changes that are completely bewitching year after year-- they're thrilling me to my fingertips more than ever now.
Because they're taking me back to last spring, which was a time in my life woven with unbelievable excitement and anticipation and happiness. My day to day life is delightful, but things like weddings and babies -- they come once in a lifetime, and they are pure magic.
Last April, I was celebrating at my bridal showers, going out on the town for my bachelorette party, going to my final wedding dress fitting, ordering the blusher for my cathedral veil. Because those days were so strongly tied to such a beautifully changing season, they come back vividly now.
Photos from last April saved on my phone help too...
The trees dropping their pink blossoms in the park across the street from my office -- I remember watching them flutter silently down last year while I talked on the phone with one of my bridesmaids about music for the ceremony.

The breezy, sunlit morning strolls into work -- I would hum my procession hymn, Handel's "Overture to the Fireworks Music," imagining my walk down the aisle; how the organ would change key in the moment before I stepped with my dad into the doorway, how Kyle would be standing at the end of the long narrow aisle, how we would be surrounded by everyone we loved.

The walks with my girl after work -- walking for miles, imagining fitting into my dress, going over choices and payments and deadlines, breathing in the smell of the earth and knowing it would turn out okay.

Spring, and my trusty iPhone, are bringing the memories of those last few weeks of preparation rushing back, with all the familiar sights and sounds and scents. And because they're memories, they are soaked in sunshine, sprinkled in stardust, and scented with cinnamon (or something equally alliterative and delightful).
I don't know what Valentine's Day is doing in February (except perhaps combating our collective seasonal depression). Spring is most definitely the season for love. Especially now that I have not one but two puppies and an allergic adorable husband to share it with this time around.

PS -- Don't worry, we most certainly are going to discuss the Royal wedding here soon. I haven't forgotten that momentous spring 2011 occasion, and intend to celebrate the first anniversary with copious amounts of champagne and finger sandwiches (also possibly a hat). I wasn't blogging last year on April 29, but if I had been -- dear me. I've watched their BBC wedding coverage more often than I've watched my own wedding DVD.


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