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I think it's pretty well established here that Bailey is a big time wimp.

She's awfully bold when barking at strangers, and she's not at all afraid of other dogs... but things like nail clippers, brushes, baths, blow dryers, the vacuum, a plastic bag shaken extra hard, and any man in uniform (what is wrong with her?!) -- they give her a serious case of the sad eyes. She used to refuse to leave her back legs when she "jumped," even for treats.

Girlfriend is cautious, a trait I can identify with.

Teddy... not so much. He is teaching her a thing or two though. He goes after the vacuum like it's a particularly frisky fellow puppy. He slams with abandon against the rickety baby gate. He catches serious air when there is anything out of his babyish reach. And boy oh boy does he love a man in uniform (and any other person to ever walk the earth). I think the only thing he's afraid of his is adorably bonkers sister, my parent's puppy Jenny.

So when Bailey sees Teddy doing these things and not, in fact, suffering/dying/spontaneously combusting, she ventures into normal territory with extreme trepidation. She doesn't run away from the vacuum, but instead watches it like a hawk from her spot on the floor. She stands, front paws resting on the baby gate, tail wagging like mad. She springs about two inches off the ground for an ice cube or a stick. She even recently approached the kindly firemen who've been wanting to pet her for ages once they started feeding treats to pushy little Ted.

There is, however, one very specific area where Bailey's bravery takes the cake and puts her little brother to shame.

I present to you, thanks to Kyle's stupendous iPhone video skillz (which YouTube messed around with and consequently turned into a very trippy experience), our dogs with their new "toy." Please ignore the patchy lawn, we've had some crab grass issues and are in the midst of recovery. Also, pay no attention to the most unflattering footage of me in video history. I was decidedly not ready for my close up.

Happy Wednesday!

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