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Friday Favorites.

Let's talk for a minute about the little things that I'm in love with lately, in words and pictures.


OMG. Bailey and Teddy eating dinner. Bailey is eating like a normal dog, and Teddy... Well, he finds that the food goes down fastest when he crouches and inhales it, I suppose.


Orange you happy it's almost produce season in our chilly clime again? I guess taste buds continue changing throughout our lives, because I suddenly cannot get enough fruit and vegetables. Don't get me wrong -- I still love me some cheese and bread, but lately I don't crave them with the insatiable zeal of months years past. I'm much more excited about asparagus and snap peas and strawberries.

Of course, this could have something to do with eating in a house sans air conditioning when it's 86 degrees outside. Suddenly cheese and bread just seem too dry and dense and heavy. Sweet and crisp and fresh sounds a lot more appealing.

Lest you be worried that I'm going down a health nut path, rest assured that I still grate a generous helping of basil and olive oil asiago over my popcorn (incredibly delicious) -- and an abundance of limes means it's time for margaritas, no? Plus, white wine. Sorry to betray my old friend red, but right now, pinot grigio is the stuff of dreams.


I never shared my Easter brunch with you! It was a brunch in name only. And the time of day we ate it. And the mimosas. Honeybaked ham, grilled asparagus, sour cream mashed potatoes, carrots and onions, salad, and rolls. Those carrots and onions are like crack. In the best way possible.


Talk Derby to me. One of my favorite days of the year is tomorrow, y'all (in its honor, yinz will take a day off). I'm calling it -- or half calling it, I suppose -- a toss-up between I'll Have Another and Daddy Long Legs. Because I like their names, of course. As Kyle will be happy to tell you, I'm not known for picking Derby winners. Still, mark my words.

Who was the Derby winner the year you were born? I guess you need to know this if you live in Kentucky? I just learned this morning, but am committing it to memory. Mine was Alysheba -- the 113th victor!

13 is my number, not because I want to be all cool and Triskaidekaphilic, but because it was my golden birthday -- I turned 13 on Friday the 13 (in October -- which makes me extra creepy).

Wait, scratch my "picks." My smart(ish) money is on Went the Day Well. #13 baby.

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Our first iris opened up this morning. These beauties bloom right next to our front door, and they are glorious.


Evening walks. Especially when the Mr. comes along (most reluctantly). I especially like them when the days are hot and muggy -- those are the evenings when the park fills up, when kids are running around shrieking, their parents are slapping at mosquitos, the sun is slowly sinking over the thousand and one rooftops in Mt. Washington, and Bailey and Teddy are dog-tired after two trips around the loop.

It's felt and smelled and looked like summer the past few days. Just as I love my hints of spring at the end of winter, I relished this heat. I'm not ready for spring to slip away just yet, and she won't -- she'll stay awhile. But summer is meant for all-out fun. A walk down the street to get a pizza. A drive to the lake to toss the dogs in. Our annual trip down to that bastion of laziness and sun, Hilton Head, with twenty books and no responsibilities in tow.

These are just a few of the things I dream about lately on our evening walks.


When we're on the front porch and they are inside, they want out too. Bailey peers pathetically through the glass. Teddy walks like a cat along the back of the sofa, because he knows we hate it.

I think our dogs need some manners.


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