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Makin' a List.

I've always taken pride in my ability to savor small joys, to be mindful of all the good that surrounds me, to take care of myself. But lately that vibe has been out-of-whack.

That vision above is me, fleeing from Kyle as he attempts to photograph a truly terrible outfit -- o ne of his t-shirts, extremely baggy bright blue sweatpants, and pink crocs. I probably have a block of cheese in my hand too. Definitely his dream girl. This is what happens to me when I'm burned out.
I've been going to bed later, waking up earlier, and eating lunch at my desk. I continuously microwave my coffee. My breakfast this morning was a fun-size Crunch bar and a mini-Snickers, guiltily snatched from my cubical neighbor who is endlessly patient with my chocolate addiction. How's that health kick working out, you ask? Not well, friends. Not well at all. (Though I am mysteriously down 5 pounds -- I suppose making the switch from full-size to fun-size candy does count for something).

It's not that I'm unhappy -- because actually, in spite of my penchant for waxing poetic about lazy days, I like to be busy. But this is a lopsided persuasion of busy, the kind where you are only productive in one area of your life and have no energy left over for the rest of it. That area for me lately, the hyperbusy one, is work.

Taking on the corporate world.
Let's not kid ourselves -- I am clearly not some high-powered executive trying to juggle running a corporation, raising a family, chairing the PTO and fitting in time at the gym. Quite the opposite, in fact. Outside of work, my responsibilities include things like "play with the dogs," "watch a movie with Kyle," and "try out another Ina Garten recipe." And that's exactly how I want it to be, for now. My job does not involve brain surgery. Lives are not in danger if I make a mistake.

But I wanted an opportunity to grow and learn more, so I worked and worked (and worked and worked). Not every night and every weekend, but a fair number of them. I didn't drop all of my other favorite things to do, but I cut back. Blogging was one area that suffered, as you may have noticed.

I wanted a promotion, plain and simple. And this morning, I got it. (YAY!!!)

Do I look nice and professional? I'm about to stuff my face with a gyro here.
I'm thrilled and excited -- and a little bit nervous, of course. But that's not really what this post is about. It's about balancing things going forward. I will probably be busier than ever over the next month or two while I juggle the development of my new position and the projects still underway in my old one while we search (desperately, in my case) for a new person to take over.

So in preparation for the potential madness, I'm making an effort to recalibrate this week.

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, I'm starting a mini bucket list. Strictly fun to-dos, with a firm deadline of Sunday evening. This is serious, yinz. No messing around. Maybe I'll do it each Monday, maybe not... but this week is definitely ripe for goals and good intentions.

1. Make a fancy dessert this week. I'm thinking lime mousse from the Silver Palate cookbook, but we'll see where my tastebuds take me (must cut back on the chocolate).
2. Wake up early and spend the morning on the porch. Dogs and coffee required, husband optional but preferred.
3. Explore Baltimore (in daylight, naturally). I'll be there Wednesday night through Friday afternoon for work, probably alone -- but I'll be darned if I don't go out to eat anyway. By my own brave self.
4. Make a list of Hilton Head ideas. Restaurants, bars, activities. We might not do any of them, but it's fun to dream (and passes the time nicely -- 54 days until we hit the road!)
5. Attempt a french braid. No, seriously this time. Do it.
6. Two long walks with the dogs. Once around the park does not count.
7. Cut some of the insane lavender and lilies growing around our house. Make a pretty centerpiece.
8. Listen to new music. I always choose my same old favorites, but maybe it's time for new tunes.
9. Buffalo chicken dip tomorrow night for my "send off dinner." Sorry Kyle.
10. Find a fascinator at the Filene's Basement in Baltimore, at least one to snap a photo of. This is not a drill.

Also, someone something has a birthday tomorrow -- THIS BLOG!

I can't believe I typed that first post out an entire year ago. Keep Calm and Carrie On has been sadly neglected as of late, but no longer. This blog is entirely too wrapped up in my life -- I think about it constantly, I brainstorm post ideas in the shower, I lament my terrible iPhone photography for its sake -- I don't know how to stop.

And so I will Carrie on.

PS -- Don't you dare forget about the Queen's Jubilee concert tonight. Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Sir Tom Jones. JOLLY GOOD!

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