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✂✂✂My Hair Cut Debut.....

As my b.f.f. was snipping my hair away I watched it as it dropped to the floor and I was silently singing "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" by Boyz II Men haha I'm such a drama queen. I just kept telling myself "You're going to look fab" and hoping that I actually did once it was done. One of my girlfriends has a similar cut and she looks GORGEOUS with it plus she cut off a WHOLE lot more hair than I did so who am I to boo hoo over a few inches of hair.

Here's My friend Vanessa's hair BEFORE the cut (that's ALL her hair) and AFTER,I think the after cut gives her a more sultry look!

Here's the pic that was my inspiration for the cut.......

And FINALLY without further adieu here's my new look.........

... and like that it's done :-). I LOVE the cut, its the best cut I've EVER had and I owe it all to my wonderful B.F.F.!!! Erica aka "The Glamatician" follow her on twitter here she's a licensed skin care specialist and makeup artist :-)

I plan on cutting off any remaining permed ends in December for my "New Year's Look". Not sure what cut I will choose, So what do you gals think of my do? Hot or Hot Mess? haha

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✂✂✂My Hair Cut Debut..... + transitioning hair