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My MUST Haves! (Plus a really cool site)

To FINALLY do my living room in this color scheme(I've been holding on to this pic for TWO years)
Hello World and Happy Saturday to you all! I always see things I love and I set off on a quest to find a similar look or item and sometimes the hunt takes so long that I end up forgetting what I was searching for lol. I thought I would add this post to my blog that way If I forget I know that I have this post to refer to and maybe you ladies will get some ideas as well. Enjoy..........

Colorful Circle skirts! They are UBER pretty and look like lots of fun! Don't know where I would wear them to, maybe a wedding?? I don't care I WANT one!!!

A Sexy Fishtail Braid, This looks so effortlessly gorgeous!

A Black & a White skater dress ssooo cute!

Purchase more kinky curly wigs(Prepare me for what my natural hair will look like)

There's is also an awesome site I've been a member of for a while now that I do use to bookmark things I like. Its called "WANELO", check it out here and follow my profile if you decide to join :

What are some of YOUR must haves??

I'm about to get my hair cut*cringing*

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My MUST Haves! (Plus a really cool site) + wanelo