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Look what fun we're having on this blog - yesterday, budgeting, today - housework!

Seriously though, I know I claimed I am no Susie Homemaker two days ago (still true), but after we cleaned our house mostly top to bottom last weekend and really enjoyed how it looked once we were finished (I know, shocking), I have been making a concentrated effort to keep up with the dishes, the dog hair, and even the bedroom.

Well, I forgot to make the bed this morning, but other than that - success so far!

If you've never read this entry before on Hyperbole and a Half (seriously, hilarious), this perfectly describes my "path toward adulthood." I am kind of impressed with myself simply by doing things that any normally functioning adult does each day.

Rinse and load the dishes the same day they are used, rather than letting them linger pathetically in the sink for awhile? I guess I'll try that out.

Vacuum more often than once a week with a constantly shedding golden retriever puppy running around the house? Look at me go!

Wipe down the counters and stovetop to get rid of crumbs and grease, instead of leaving it that way for, um, a month a few days? I am so together.

I'm discovering it's actually easy to keep the house looking nice if I just take 20 minutes out of my evening to do a few things. These are baby steps - I mean, we did a ton of laundry on Sunday and it's all still sitting, neatly folded, in the laundry baskets upstairs (did I mention I hate laundry?) - but it is really, really nice to come home to a clean house after work.

That is, until we let Bailey out of the mud room to wreck havoc again.

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