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Rainy Friday

There is nothing particularly interesting on my mind today, but I want to keep in the habit of regular posting, so I'll share some random thoughts.

First , I don't think iced coffee-type drinks are as wake-up-ish as hot ones. Nearly every morning, I brew myself (ha!) a cup of breakfast coffee in our Keurig at home before we leave for work. This morning, we didn't have a clean travel mug ( yeah, about that housework thing... ) so I decided, hey, it's payday - I'm going to stop at Starbucks and get a delicious drink for $4.45 ( about that budgeting thing... ). Seriously, ridiculous.

Googled "Starbucks fail"
Anyways, it was a toss-up for me between a cinnamon dolce latte, which I love, and a mocha frappacino, which I also enjoy (although I prefer McDonalds mocha frappe - it's cheaper and tastes better). Although my office is like a refrigerator, it's muggy outside even at 8:30 AM and I was hot from my walk, so I went with the frappacino. And now I'm disappointed, to say the least. I spent nearly five dollars, consumed probably 300 calories thanks to the whipped cream and "mocha drizzle" that I greedily ate off of the straw slurped, and didn't even get that nice caffeine buzz that real coffee delivers. I cheated on my drink of choice, and now I'm left with those standard regrets - it cost too much, it was bad for me, and it didn't even give me the happiness I expected. So much can be learned from a simple cup of coffee, grasshopper.

Second, please join me in my total girl-crush on Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, because she is a classy broad. Seriously, I adore her. She's so ladylike and slim and has fantastic hair, plus she seems to be a lovely person from the 10 words I've heard her speak. I could so easily live her lifestyle, it's not even funny. People talk about it like it must be so difficult, and I know it isn't all sitting on velvet cushions and drinking champagne (though I could be talked into that as well).

Kate Middleton FTW
But let's examine my qualifications for the princess role, just for a moment (aside from marrying a member of the royal family... Kyle is many, many wonderful things, but he disappointed me just a tad in that area).

Difficulties in her life, according to the highly scientific polling system known as "various people I've discussed this with":

1. She has to wear dresses/heels/dress up pretty much every day. Oh, the poor dear. Um, that has been my wardrobe of choices for years (like, since age 4). It's my natural state of being. My idea of casual is a less dressy dress and my jelly ballet flats, or perhaps nice flip flops (oxymoron?) This past winter, I did wear leggings with tunics and riding boots often, but I don't do anything less casual very well - in fact, if you force me out of a dress I will put on yoga pants and one of Kyle's t-shirts. Don't think I won't. If I had an unlimited budget, you can bet I would be wearing a different dress every day, and I would like it.
2. She has to attend all sorts of charity functions, and she's always in the public eye. Okay, people had a point here before she actually attended many public functions and was an easy target of the paparazzi - you know, back when she was a "commoner." But now, no. Just no. I may not seem like a shy person (hi, I'm blogging about myself and my husband on the internet) but I don't like to be the center of attention. I froze onstage the one time I agreed to be in a dance recital, thereby crushing any cherished hopes of a career as a prima ballerina. I wore my blusher down for our entire wedding ceremony in part because I think it's a beautiful look, but mostly because I felt much less exposed and in the "spotlight" with that bit of filmy fabric between my face and 120 guests.
Sooo, I'm sure dating a prince is terrible if you aren't a limelight seeker <-- not sarcasm, that's serious. And the wedding, with 2000 guests and 2 billion people, or whatever ridiculous amount witnessed their ceremony, would probably cause me to have a nervous breakdown. But life after that? I could handle it. She hardly ever speaks, people. And that is the number one giveaway of nerves for me. I can walk in front of a million people, and I would be super nervous performing a basic function like that, but I could get through it. It's the act of forming coherent words in front of crowds that makes me shaky. Go shake hands though, and kiss babies and take flowers from little kids and shovel dirt in heels?

I've got this  Easy peasy.
Anyway, I love Duchess Catherine and I think she's fabulous. I'm just saying... if Kyle were suddenly to become royalty, I think we'd be best friends. Except she'd possibly be jealous of my wardrobe. But she'd still have that beautiful hair, so it would all turn out okay in the end.
Those are the only two thoughts for today, because I've rambled on long enough, and without my morning coffee, I'm exhausted by the effort. Any jobs you think you were born to do?
I kid. Sort of.

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Rainy Friday + love