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Cool Finds: "It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry"

Hey everyone, happy hump day. I'm sorry I have been M.I.A the past few days but I have just been sssoooo tired. I mean have you ever been so tired that you come home,take a seat, and before you know it you fall asleep and it's the next day lol?!! Well that's how tired I've been. I took on a second job because there are a couple high priced items that I want to buy AND I need to build my savings up. I wake up at 2:45am mon-wed to get ready for work and be there by 4am then work til 4pm *sigh* which brings me to the pic above.

When I leave to work in the morning it's DARK and quiet outside. I live in a townhouse and it only takes me like 5 seconds to get in the car. At the same time I still feel like someone is watching me or waiting for me behind a bush or something lol. I decided I need to get some mase or something. I used to have the comb & lipstick knife(which i gave to my bestie) you see in the pic but lost it. I bought them when I was like 18 years old at a flea market, I never had to use my comb knife but always felt good knowing it was near just in case. Call me a scarey cat, paranoid, whateva I don't care... I watch a lot of these "Deadly women", "Missing Persons" shows and always think to myself "I need more protection!" Ladies, you never know and I feel it's just better to be safe ya know. Well hope you all enjoy the rest of your day :-)

  1. Lipstick/Perfume Pepper Spray
  2. Lipstick Stun Gun
  3. Comb W/Hidden Knife
  4. Cell Phone Stun Gun
  5. Red Lipstick Knife
  6. Blast Knuckles Stun Guns
  7. Cat Defense Keychain

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Cool Finds: "It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry" + perfume pepper spray