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Latina Magazine's Fall Trends 2011

Howdy there readers! Hope everyone is doing swell. I was reading through my favorite magazine "Latina" (been subscribed for 10 years,love them) and I came across the fall trends pages. As I looked at the pages I realized that I have a lot of these trends in my closet already (except for the fur).

I snapped these pictures with my BB Torch,Sorry they're not the best quality :-S
I don't have any fur but then again I've never come across any faux fur vest or jackets that I like. I would try them on and feel like a grizzly bear lol maybe this year I will come across a cute one to rock :-)

I'm not the one that usually follows trends but I have a lot of this stuff in my closet already so I thought "Why not be fashion forward and rock the trends this year" lol. I have tons of plaid,a beautiful red trench coat,mustard colored shirts, polka dots, and more. I guess that's because fashion constantly repeats itself which is why I try to make sure I buy timeless pieces that I can wear any year.

Renee just gave me an idea... Hmmm.... I notice that a few of these trends have been rocked all summer, especially the polka dots. How about you? Will you be rocking these trends this fall?

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Latina Magazine's Fall Trends 2011 + red trench coat