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Matt Bailie- Music is beautiful

This photo taken from Matt Bailie's FB page.
I recently have started following a new country singer. Matt Bailie. I came across him on Facebook through a contest and stayed because I was intrigued. I heard his voice and was hooked. My husband is a big country music fan and I admit, I love it now too. I can't help but go nuts for his fantastic voice. I have had a few chats with him over FB and he is a very caring guy. He has been so kind to me that I couldn't help but want to share more about him with you all. I consider him a friend now and my husband and I are big supporters. One day we hope to meet Matt and maybe his lovely family.

Get to know Matt:
Matthew David Bailie

Q & A

* How did you get started in your singing career? Well I started singing a a very young age, Singing in karaoke bars and then touring with a band around the state of FL at 18 and very good family friend Donnie Van-Zant(38 Special/VanZant) and brother Johnny Van-Zant(Lynyrd Skynyrd/VanZant) help guide me and eventually pushed me to move to Nashville where they managed me for my first couple years !

* Do you write songs as well? Do you write all of them? I do write songs I always put a handful of my own songs on my Albums and no, I don't write all of my songs as Nashville has some the best song writers in the world so you gotta take advantage of them.
* Who is your idol in the music industry? As I Idol Many artist in Country music Id have to Say Garth Brooks is by far my favorite Idol for what he's done in Music and who he is as a person is unbelievable! But a close Second Is Tim McGraw.
* What do you hope to accomplish with your life ?
I hope to be the best Father/Husband I can first off. Second Id love to keep being able to bring my music into peoples lives on radio and on stage! Just live life to its fullest !

* Your favorite color I love Black or white.

* Favorite thing to do for fun is... Favorite thing to do for fun I'm an avid Fisherman but I also Hunt, Surf and Golf.
* The best day of my life was..... Best days of my life were when My little boy and little girl came into this world cant beat that with anything else !
I will definitely be sharing more about Matt and I know we will be hearing more about him in the world of Country Music. My favorite song of Matt's

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Nominated for "Best County Solo Artist - Male"
Please VOTE at voting ends- Aug 20th so please, go do so right now! Find out more about Matt @

Hey, look what I found- what a good guy!

I am so glad that I was able to blog about Matt. Head to his pages, cast your vote, and most of all show your support. I will be sending emails to my local radio station in support of Matt, you should all to!
I will be auctioning off some signed CD'S in the future here: Matt donated them for our adoption cause!

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- Kerrie

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Matt Bailie- Music is beautiful + love