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Outfit Inspiration: Saturday Night w/The Girlies

These are the shoes that inspired my outfit

Happy Monday (yeah right lol). Well my weekend mostly consisted of sitting in front of my laptop watching netflix but believe it or not thats my joy. I can sit in front of that computer for hours surfing and watching netflix(addictive) haha. Thats not all i did, I went out with my besties! Yup i blew the dust off of my "club gear" for a night out on the town. I wore the pink button up thrifted shirt I got a couple weeks ago, the Steve Madden Cougar platforms, and old black H&M skirt i've had for a while, and i nude clutch (not shown).
I'm so sorry I don't have better pics of my outfit but my sd card was missing from my camera and I had to use my blackberry which USUALLY takes good pics sawy gals *drops head*

This picture was a #FAIL womp womp woooomp

There was a new club opening up that we were so excited to see but upon arrival we were highly disappointed when we saw the type of people going inside. I told my girls that we were not going into THAT club, it had club fight written all over it. Instead we journeyed on up the street to a hot little lounge called "Silly Goose" I LOVE this little place because the crowd is mixed and the music is dance/pop which is my kind of music.... kind of makes me feel like I'm in another city. I swear I to need to get out more because i looked over at my friends singing along to this hot song i was hearing for the first time and felt left out because I wanted to sing along too *arms folded* I just enjoyed being with my girls and having a few cocktails. One thing I will be doing is learning the words to this darn song

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Outfit Inspiration: Saturday Night w/The Girlies + steve madden cougarr