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Thrifted Treasues

Hey honey buns, I hope you all are doing well out there. Sunday i did a little thrift store shopping and found a few things. My highlight of the shopping trip was the colorful dress that i plan on reworking(stay tuned). I swear when I am thrifting I feel like i am on an adventure, I look at things and see so much potential.

This bright pink button down is actually waaay brighter in person, i've got some ideas for this baby :-D

This black sheer dress looks awesome on, I love it!

The belts are fantastic and stretchy..BIG plus!

.....and this dress was my highlight of the day, I've got big plans for this dress... big plans I tell ya just wait and see! If you aren't a thrifter you are missing out on a bunch of goodies! The one thing I can know for sure is when I'm out and about no ones is going to look like me and that's the best feeling. Have a good one lovelies... Peace ;-)

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Thrifted Treasues + thrifted treasures