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It's My FAVORITE Time Of The Year...... HALLOWEEN!!


Hey y'all! I'm UBER excited about this weekend! Dressing up,scary movies, parties with friends... Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year and anyone who knows me knows that i am SERIOUS about Halloween :-I lol

HALLOWEEN 2009 (Sexy Nutcracker)

This year i'm wearing TWO costumes, one that i made myself for Friday which is a "Zombie Prom Queen" and one that I ordered for Saturday which is a "Sexy Clown" it's SUPER cute!! I usually order my costumes for the following year right after Halloween because they're 80% off. I've NEVER went into a store and bought my costume, I'm always the one already prepared when no one else knows what they're going to be. That's because i DON'T play about my costume....yes it's that serious lol. I will post the pics of my costumes on Monday. Hope you all have fun this weekend and please be safe. What are YOU going to be for Halloween??

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It's My FAVORITE Time Of The Year...... HALLOWEEN!! + the mane topic