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"Cotton Candy" Hair + OOTD

Hey now! I'm back y'all....did ya miss me?*bats eyes*
I know i've been out of pocket for like 14 days but i was in Atlanta and didn't have time to hop online. I did have a good time in Atlanta but unfortunately i didn't get to see everyone that i planned on seeing. I was being pulled every which away and just didn't have time.

Now about my hair... isn't it fab?!! I LOOOVE it! My girl Kelly has this blow dryer brush thingy and really wanted to straighten my hair with it. I had on a wig and it was looking a hot mess so i thought "why not?!!" My girl Kelly has this beautiful curly hair and she always thinks it looks bad, her hair texture is like a 3b i believe.

Kelly(her signature mean mug), we went to "RA sushi bar"


When she straightens HER hair it's all silky and stuff and i think when she straightened mine she thought it was going to look like hers....WRONG haha. I made a video on it so you can see how it was before,once i edit it i will post it.

Stripe top-H&M, Pants-Target,Blazer-Forever21,Wedges-Ebay(i think)

It's fun experimenting with my hair, as Kelly was blowing it out she kept saying "your hair is sssooo healthy". I work hard to keep it in tip top shape and it has grown sssoo much! I'm loving this journey :-)

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"Cotton Candy" Hair + OOTD + ootd